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Climate Agenda Interview (BBC World News)

July 2022

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NASA Field Work (LAist)

April 12, 2022

Statue on the US National Mall

March 2022

U.S. Space-Based Earth Observations in 21st-Century Science Diplomacy (AAAS)

February 2022

Global Climate Update day

January 2022

Climate Tipping Points (The Hill)

November 2021

Climate change: Arctic's unknown viruses' and nuclear waste (BBC News)

September 2021

Warming Arctic could spread nuclear waste, unknown viruses (The Hill)

September 2021

'Forever Chemicals' at the summit of Mt. Everest (WaPo)

April 2021

Climate Scientist Kimberley Miner (by John Kerry)

February 2021

Is your beloved outdoor gear bad for the planet? (GQ magazine)

January 2021

Into Thicker Air and Onto Thinner Ice: How Climate Change Is Affecting Mount Everest (Smithsonian Magazine)

November 2020

Bursting the Bubble: Why Sports Aren't Coming Back Soon (Sports Illustrated)

April 2020

Climate Change and Human Impacts Are Altering Mt. Everest Faster and More Significantly Than Previously Known (National Geographic)

November 2020

Experts: Pollution Dips May Be Worse For Climate Long-Term

April 2020

UMaine prof chosen as ambassador for next-gen STEM initiative

September 2019

‘Toxic Stew’ Stirred Up by Disasters Poses Long-Term Danger, New Findings Show (New York Times)

July 2019

Uncontrolled chemical releases: A silent, growing threat (Science Magazine)

July 2019

Decades-old pollutants melting out of Himalayan glaciers

July 2019

Arctic scientists turn to comedy to discuss serious environmental changes

April 2019

A shrinking Alaska glacier is releasing old pesticides in its meltwater

January 2019

DDT in Alaska meltwater poses cancer risk for people who eat lots of fish

December 2018

Climate Trouble Keeps on Coming

November 2018

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