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Record heat has substantial impacts

Summer is becoming the deadliest season

Permafrost carbon emissions in a changing Arctic

Emergent biogeochemical risks from Arctic permafrost degradation

A Perspective of the Cumulative Risks from Climate Change on Mt. Everest: Findings from the 2019 Expedition

Deposition of PFAS ‘forever chemicals’ on Mt. Everest

Reaching New Heights in Plastic Pollution— Preliminary Findings of Microplastics on Mount Everest

An overview of physical risks in the Mt. Everest region

Deep frozen Arctic microbes are waking up

Environmental Security Risks in South America

Uncontrolled chemical releases: A silent, growing threat

A screening-level approach to quantifying glacial watershed pollution in Interior Alaska

Preventing Chemical Release in Hurricanes

Quantitative screening level assessment of human risk from PCB in glacial meltwater: Silvretta Glacier, Swiss Alps

Organochlorine pollutants within a polythermal glacier in the Eastern Alaska Range

Developing a Risk Assessment Protocol to Quantify Distribution and Uptake of Persistent Organic Pollutants in Glacial Outflows

Legacy organochlorine pollutants in glacial watersheds: A review

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